With 25 years of experience;  see our clients is extraordinary, and the effect of the vision our founder had is even more recognized. Who from its foundation considered SHARING KNOWLEDGE.

We have not restricted ourselves to perfecting ourselves in the face of gradual trends imposed by the market; On the contrary, we have become famous in the register for our weaknesses, opportunities, strengths and threats, where others often only saw turbulence.

From a position of financial and documentary solidity, changes unaffected our essence.

With our patent business gear we create an active conglomerate; counting on highly trained personnel committed to the notion of leadership that we possess; based on speed, customer service and the good quality of products and services we market.

We have found our capacity to resist, propose, innovate, grow, induce, encourage, develop and perfect. That is why we have gone from a regional level to a national and international level, operating in the 125 municipalities that Antioquia has, the 32 departments of Colombia and some countries in the world.

We thank you for your trust and we confirm our firm commitment to offer you quality service and a good experience.

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To be a timely and immediate solution for the different regional, national and international entities; with management of public and private resources. In satisfying your requirements and needs with a highly trained and specialized work team in the different contracting fields.


To be the leading company in the realization and development of events, in public and private contracting; providing transparency and quality over time.

Business Values

1. We believe and promote honesty as the source of all negotiation and life principles.

2. We believe that every worker should be worthy of his own salary and recognized for his knowledge and social and labor commitment.

3. We believe that responsibility, commitment and transparency with our clients must be before, during and after.

4. We believe that respect is born when we listen to the other in search of a solution.